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Being a natural product veneer comes in a wide range of colours and from all over the

world. Some species are rarer than others and different species take differing lengths of

time to reach an age where they are suitable to be made in to veneer. In this section we

will show a select range of veneers from commercial to exotic. When you look at each

picture please remember this is a sample of one leaf from one log and even veneers from

the same species can vary a great deal in grain, character and colour.   

Alongside natural veneer, engineered veneer is a product growing in popularity. Especially

for larger projects where a uniformity or consistency of colour and character is important.

Click on the link below to see some of the more popular engineered veneers being used.

Our site only shows a small representation of the wide range of veneers available. For a

comprehensive list please click here and you will be taken to the site of our sister company

Exotic Veneer Co Ltd (opens in a new window) which has thousands of m2 of veneer readily