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Here at Hythe we produce high quality veneered panels in two standard sizes

These are supplied to order veneered with your choice of veneer on both sides or on 1 side with a balancer on standard MDF from 3mm to 30mm in thickness.

By manufacturing to order rather than supplying from stock boards we can ensure better consistency for larger orders as the veneer used will be taken in sequence from the same log, using 1 log for the whole project if possible.

These boards can be used for a variety of purposes including cabinet carcasses, wall panelling and large work surfaces.

For more specialised needs we can also veneer on to ply, moisture & fire resistant MDF. We can also accommodate man-made materials such as formica, contact us for more information.

Need a board longer or wider ? Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to provide advice and a quotation.