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Over the centuries some of the finest examples of design have been pieces crafted from wood & wood veneer. The traditional skills of hand veneering and marquetry are still practiced here at Hythe and allow the flare and originality of today’s modern designers to create pieces of furniture that are works of art and yet still practical in use.

We encourage our clients to have close contact with our veneer preparers to ensure that your design evolves from paper to reality just as it was first imagined.  From here our skilled workers will then create your individual piece using materials of the highest quality.

Our own resources, together with that of our sister company - Exotic Veneer Co. Ltd, ensures we have ready access to thousands of metres of high quality veneer of all species. Other materials are sourced directly from trusted suppliers proven for their quality and reliability

We use a mixture of modern machinery and hand techniques to give us the greatest versatility possible to help you create unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else.

 Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you.