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Paper-backed veneer lay-on’s offer a flexible solution to veneering panels that cannot be placed in a traditional press. These may be curved panels, panels unable to withstand the pressure of a press or pre-constructed items that need veneering but cannot be separated into their component parts.

The veneers are prepared in the normal way but then rather than being pressed directly on to the substrate, they are bonded to 0.4mm thick paper backing. This helps retain the flexibility of the veneer whilst adding considerable strength and stability.

The veneers can be produced in standard 2440mm x 1220mm and 3050mm x 1220mm sheet form or to specific sizes as required and they can be made using veneers from 0.6mm thick to 2.5mm thick subject to availability.

Once constructed the lay-on’s can then be applied by hand to the intended object.

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